POLICE have released CCTV footage from the night of murder after a man has been jailed.

Liam Jones, 45, of Bonar Road, Oxford, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 37 years at Reading Crown Court today (May 23).

The incident happened at about 6.05am on November 30, 2022, officers attended Wood Farm Park between Wood Farm Road and Nuffield Road following a report of a man calling for help.

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The victim, 59-year Mr Breach, from Oxford, was found with a head wound in a critical condition beside a path in the park.

A post mortem concluded that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Police have since condemned Jones, dubbing him a 'very dangerous individual'.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Pete Clarke, of the Major Crime Unit, said: “Jones and Phillip Breach had a minor disagreement outside Phillip’s flat the evening before the murder, and Phillip went to bed unaware that Jones was formulating a plan to attack him the next morning.

“Jones left his flat just a few hours after the argument, shortly after 4am, taking steps to disguise his identify, as shown by the CCTV footage.

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“Jones walked around the area of Wood Farm Park, waiting for Phillip to appear, knowing he would be likely to walk to the shops to collect his paper, as part of his morning routine as an early riser.

“Sure enough, Phillip did exactly this and CCTV footage shows Jones tracking Phillip during his journey to and from the shop.

“Eventually, Jones committed a sustained and frenzied attack on Phillip in the park, causing significant injuries to his head and neck, and he sadly died a short time later.

“Jones then left the scene and took steps to cover his tracks and dispose of evidence; his clothing and footwear, and Phillip’s hat, were never recovered.

“I thank Phillip’s family for their patience and restraint during the investigation and subsequent court proceedings.

“The court proceedings in particular have taken some time due to the first trial being abandoned due to Jones’ ill health.

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“So Phillip’s family had to wait for a rescheduled trial but hopefully the fact Jones has now been brought to justice and sentenced can bring them some closure.”

Jones was arrested on 1 December 2022 and charged on 5 December 2022.

He stood trial at the same court and a jury found Jones guilty of one count of murder by majority verdict at the same court on March 22.