A disturbing message has been left at a village play park where nails were glued to the swings.

The nails were discovered by a mum-of-five who had taken her youngest child to the park in Marcham, near Abingdon, on Monday morning.

The sharp objects had been left upright and attached to various play equipment such as swings and slides in the Marcham's village park near the community centre.

A worrying message has also been left at the park which has been scrawled into the play equipment.

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Oxford Mail: The slide was targeted with an upright nail.The slide was targeted with an upright nail. (Image: Public submission)

It reads: “Dear Marcham, no more f***ing music. I waited eight hours on Saturday. Final warning or else!”

The village held The Big Marcham Weekend over the weekend which is the village’s get-together fete with live music in the park.

It is not yet known whether the culprit behind the nails left the message and Marcham Parish Council held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the worrying developments.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, chairman Mark Harvie said: “We don’t know if the two are necessarily linked but if it is connected and there is backlash then that is even more absurd.

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“There is no logic if it was adult-related but there especially is not when it involves the play area which is a child’s activity.

“The village has a very active community and a strong volunteering network which is one of the reasons why the weekend was a big success.

“I think that is part of the reason why people are so shocked and saddened given how successful the weekend went.

“It is incredibly disappointing. There is some serious shock and disgust in the village and this is not a reflection of Marcham.

“It hopefully doesn’t happen again but it’s good practice for parents to check the equipment and we ourselves are doing regular checks.”

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Oxford Mail: A nail was also glued to the swing.A nail was also glued to the swing. (Image: Public submission)

The play area has been there for over 40 years and all the equipment was upgraded last year.

After discovering the nails at the park on Monday, the anonymous mother-of-five warned fellow parents.

“I have five children with ages ranging from three years old to 18 years old and we visit the park a couple of times a week,” she said.

“We have such a wonderful, safe community where everyone looks out for one another.

"It feels invasive and frankly a bit sinister and targeting children is just sickening.”

Thames Valley Police have told the Oxford Mail that an investigation into the sinister incident remains ongoing.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We are investigating and we would appeal to anyone with information, footage and witnesses to come forward please.

“The easiest way to contact the force is by visiting your nearest police station, calling 101, or visiting our website, quoting investigation number 43240224827.”