New bus lane cameras and signs have been installed at low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) across Oxford.

The enforcement cameras have been added to six LTN closure points in the city this week.

These automatic number plate recognition cameras will enforce traffic restrictions while giving access to emergency services vehicles.

They are yet to be activated though with Oxfordshire County Council revealing that all six locations will go live at the same time.

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The affected locations are the LTNs at Crescent Road, Littlehay Road and Littlemore Road in Cowley as well as Divinity Road, James Street and Magdalen Road in east Oxford.

Oxford Mail: The new signage at the LTNs across the city.The new signage at the LTNs across the city. (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson for the council said: “The LTN automatic number plate recognition cameras have been successfully installed and we are now completing final works on site before they go live.

“The cameras will all go live at the same time.”

Bollards will be replaced with cameras at the six locations, with planters retained at either side of the restriction.

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Oxford Mail: The new LTN cameras have been installed.The new LTN cameras have been installed. (Image: Newsquest)

Emergency, waste, and postal service vehicles will be exempt, as will taxi and private hire vehicles as will buses in Littlemore Road.

It comes after the announcement that the initial intended switch on date for the new cameras was delayed.

“The switch on date previously expected was provisional and subject to satisfactory installation and testing,” added the council spokesperson.

“Final works include testing, bollard removal, and minor ground surface treatment.”