CHART-topping girl group the Sugababes have been through ups and downs and many lineups.

But after two years back as the original three - Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhán Donaghy - they can't wait to perform the hits from their impressive back catalogue at this summer's Nocturne at Blenheim Palace.

Siobhan said: "This time around has been like a walk in the park in comparison to when we started.

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"There is a lot of graft and sacrifice that goes into the inception of any band. You do it blindly, not knowing if it’ll work."

Oxford Mail: The Sugababes

The band was originally formed by Siobhan, 39, and Mutya, 38, when they were just 13.

While working in the studio, Buena invited her best friend from primary school Keisha to watch them and their manager decided they should be a trio.

"We were home-schooled in order to also be able to work and being that separated from your peers and a more normal life in your formative years can really leave its mark," said Siobhan.

Gradually each one left the band with various replacements including Heidi Range, Jade Ewen and Amelle Berrabah before the original band reunited at Glastonbury Festival in 2022.

"I feel like we’ve done a lot of healing, come full circle, and now take so much joy out of our work together," said Siobhan.

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"I feel like a big part of our success this time around is that the audience can feel this from us."

The group was a regular fixture in the tabloids due to their line-up changes and reports of infighting.

They were considered to be the coolest of the Noughties bands due to the group's perceived 'moodiness'.

"Yes, I’ve heard that a few times over the years and I try to take positives from it," said Keisha.

"I think when we came out people were used to pop bands who had a seemingly perfect polished image. 

"We were the girls from northwest London, working class backgrounds, who never desired fame but enjoyed singing.

Oxford Mail: The Sugababes

"We were literally thrown out there as our true authentic selves.

"I believe we had always been girls who were sweet, respectful and polite but we were also going to say controversial things, we were also going to be moody at times and not always at our best - but who ever is?"

She added: "I recently sat on a panel with a member each from the UK’s biggest girl bands and I learned that most bands wanted to be themselves but were told they couldn’t be so I’m proud that we stayed true to ourselves under such scrutiny."

Buchanan, Buena and Donaghy are now putting the finishing touches to their new album and are still as into music as ever.

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Siobhan said: “With our new music, it’s always hard to describe as we jump around so much with genres.

"I feel like we can take it dark and poetic and then also bring the bops.

"Our new record has really been coming together and we’re at the fun, finishing touches stage of it now.

"We’ve had total creative freedom and as always have played around with genres knowing that whatever the sound, if we do our signature harmony blend, it naturally ends up as a Sugababes record."

Perhaps giving a clue to the sound Mutya added that she is currently 'really loving' R&B singers Jazmine Sullivan, Victoria Monet and Sasha Keable.

Oxford Mail: Sugababes

They are also supporting Take That again at The Greatest Weekend in Malta this October.

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Meanwhile there will be a chance to get down to the classic hits including Freak like Me, Round Round, Push the Button and About You Now at Blenheim.

"My favourite song to perform is Too Lost In You," said Keisha. "The highlights of the show will be performing the songs that people love and meeting new people.

"We are so excited."

The four-day Nocturne Live concert series returns to Blenheim Palace from June 13 – 16. For more information, visit