A FATHER has been accused of inappropriately touching a woman on several occasions in Witney.

Shane Windebank, of Mirfield Road, Witney, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with three counts of sexual assault which are alleged to have taken place in 2021.

The 31-year-old father denies the offences, stating several were ‘misinterpreted’ while another was consensual.

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During the trial on Wednesday (May 8), the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave evidence to the jury.

She said she was friends with Windebank’s partner and, on occasions, their children would play together.

However, the woman stated that ‘whenever he could, Windebank would grab her buttocks and breasts.

“If he had the opportunity then yes [he would],” she said. “It could have been everyday….I made it very clear I was absolutely not interested.”

She said on one occasion, Windebank allegedly got his penis out in front of her.

“He kept making inappropriate comments,” she said. “He took my hand and put it on his penis.”

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When asked if she had touched his penis consensually and told Windebank they ‘need to behave’, the woman said: “No, I remember telling him to leave.

“I remember telling him to leave and I probably did mention that kids were around as it’s not behaviour they should see.”

In cross-examination, the woman was asked if she had ‘connected’ with Windebank and if she would consider her behaviour to be ‘flirtatious’.

She said: “I would say I was not different with Shane than I was with anyone else, male or female…I was comfortable with us being friends.

“I wouldn’t have seen it as flirting, I would say I was the same with any friend as I was with Shane, male or female.

“If Shane says it was flirting then that’s what he sees.”

She was asked about an occasion where she allegedly rested her legs on his chair.

“I would that is unusual,” she said. “I don’t like my legs being touched…not even by a male I was in a relationship with.”

The alleged victim described another incident where Windebank allegedly stopped her bike and sat on the front tyre before trying to kiss her.

Windebank claims he was leaning in to hear what she was saying to him. But when asked if it’s possible she could have misinterpreted him leaning in, the woman said: “Absolutely not.

“I wasn’t speaking to him, I was trying to ride off.”

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The woman was also asked if she remembered allegedly saying to Windebank:” My backdoor will be open to you.”

She replied: “Absolutely not.”

The trial continues.