A personal trainer from Bicester has shared the success of his run club as it approaches it's one-year anniversary.

Josh Kelloway, aged 23, started JK Performance Run Club last May and has described it as a ‘forever growing kind of community’.

The club meet every at Whitelands Farm Sports Ground in Bicester every Wednesday at 6pm to run the 1400 metre loop. 

There are just under 200 members in total, and every week between 35 and 40 people attend the sessions.

Oxford Mail:

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Those wanting to join JK Performance Run Club should visit: https://www.strava.com/clubs/1193709

Mr Kelloway said: “I’ve been a personal trainer in Bicester for four years now, so it’s nice to give something back to everyone.

“It feels very rewarding that I can do this for people and they can make friendships, be happy, fitter and healthier off the back of it - it's really good to see.

“People are making good relationships with other people at the run club and going out together with friends that they’ve made within the run club."

The club also occasionally meet in Oxford to run longer distances, with members often going for a coffee and a pastry afterwards.

“It’s a time for people to connect, which is something the world lacks a lot at the moment, is that face-to-face in person connection."

Mr Kelloway is also an ambassador for Lululemon, and one of the recent runs in Oxford was in partnership with the brand.


Mr Kelloway, who runs the club independently, said he aims to make it as inclusive as possible.

The sessions change weekly with different focuses, taking an interval training approach, meaning everyone starts and finishes at the exact same time. 

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“It’s never a nice feeling when you’re coming in at the end and everyone has finished and you’re the last one - it’s almost like being picked last in PE”

Oxford Mail:

“The sessions are focused on inclusivity and progression with running which is something that I’m very passionate about.

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“This is an opportunity where people can come and get better at running whilst staying at their own level and not having to meet a specific standard or expectation - they can just run at their own pace.

“It’s nice to do something where people can come out together, and it’s good for everyone’s physical and mental health after a long day at work.

“People can be a little bit flat at the start, but by the end everyone is buzzing."

Oxford Mail:

The club is hosted through running app Strava and is completely free to join.