Thick mould in a city centre council house has left a single-mum signed off sick from work and prompted her to hit out at officials for "not caring" and "laughing in her face".

The 49-year-old Holywell tenant, who lives with her child and does not wish to be named, said the issue had been "ongoing for years".

She told the Oxford Mail she had to throw out various appliances in her home due to the mould.

Oxford Mail: It turned the whole wall by the cooker black.It turned the whole wall by the cooker black. (Image: Contribution.)

Oxford City Council has now taken action on the issue after the angry householder said she issued an ultimatum in February and received £200 from the authority in compensation due to its "lack of action".

The mould is reportedly a result of an inadequate ventilation system in the house and the council is installing a new one so it doesn't "just come back".

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She added: "It's just not on.

"Last year someone visited three times and said they'd get back to me and it didn't happen.

"They just don't care.

Oxford Mail: Dirty appliance.Dirty appliance. (Image: Contribution.)

"The only thing they were doing was sending a painter to cover it up."

The Holywell resident confirmed this was a special type of paint to deal with mould.

Her child, who also did not wish to be named, said: "One of the area surveyors likes to say other places are a lot worse.

Oxford Mail: Oxford city centre.Oxford city centre. (Image: Ed Nix)

"He said in another place there was black mould growing on the wall and laughed in my mum's face when he saw the mould.

"She was signed off sick because of the house issue."

Holywell ward councillor Edward Mundy, of the Oxford Socialist Independents party, said: "I have visited the residence multiple times over recent years, and I know that there have been considerable issues with damp in the property.

"This is highly concerning.

Oxford Mail: Edward Mundy.Edward Mundy. (Image: Oxford City Council.)

"We know that it has been a difficult time for our tenancy and repairs teams, with an ageing city council housing stock, such as at the flats and maisonettes in South Bridge Row and Trill Mill Court.

"It will take many years to upgrade and improve our entire council housing stock, but this work needs to be a priority as 'quick fixes' will only get us so far.

Oxford Mail: More mould.More mould. (Image: Contribution.)

"It is vitally important that issues, such as those raised by this resident, are recognised as a health concern and dealt with as soon as possible, and within mandated timelines."

Oxford Mail: Spotty wall.Spotty wall. (Image: Contribution.)

An Oxford City Council spokesman said: "We have upheld our tenant’s complaint about mould in their home and offered compensation in line with similar cases in social housing.

"We are sorry for past delays and inaction and for the distress this has caused.

"We have been working with ODS to put things right.

"Work since February has been thorough and within a reasonable timescale and we are liaising with our tenant to complete the remaining repairs.

"Damp and mould is an issue we take very seriously and we have employed specialist surveyors to support our work in this area."