A CONTRACTOR is on trial accused of slapping a woman’s bottom while working, a jury has heard.

Douglas Varney, 58, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with two counts of sexual assault which allegedly took place in Brize Norton while the defendant was working as a contractor.

It was heard that he allegedly touched a woman’s bottom on two different occasions – the first being a hard slap.

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However, Varney has denied both charges.

He is expected to argue the first occasion was not sexual and that the second occasion never happened.

The opening of the trial took place on Monday (April 22) and a jury heard the defendant and the complainant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, knew each other before the incident.

However, she only knew him by his nickname ‘Reg’ and didn’t know his real name.

It was heard that she also ‘found him to be overly friendly’ towards her.

On August 6, Varney was walking with the woman towards her locker, making small talk, when she then allegedly felt a ‘strong slap on her bottom’.

The prosecutor said: “It was a hard slap and she could feel his handprint as a result.

"She was in shock and continued the conversation as she processed what to do.”

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After telling two of her colleagues, it was heard that one would advise Varney the following day and advise him that some people ‘wouldn’t want that sort of contact’.

On August 29, it is alleged that Varney touched the complainant's bottom again as she sat down.

The prosecutor said: “It wasn’t as hard as before but it was intentional and meant in a way for no one else to see.

“He continued talking and she couldn’t believe it had happened a second time.”

The court heard the woman had raised the issue at work but was told a few weeks later that they would not be able to take the complaint further so the woman reported the allegations to the police.

Varney, of Strathmore Close, Carterton, had a voluntary police interview on September 22 where he provided a prepared statement denying the offences.

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It is believed that during the court proceedings, Varney will explain that the first occasion was ‘not sexual’ and he will deny that the second occasion had ever happened.

After the opening, the jury was told it is for the prosecution to make them sure and if they are sure then they must convict.

The trial, which is expected to only last a few days, continues.