Travellers using Oxford’s airport bus services have been warned ahead of this weekend.

The services help take the city’s residents to Heathrow and Gatwick throughout the year but users have been told to take into account time changes this weekend.

A spokesman for Oxford Busy Company said: “Don't forget that British Summer time starts on Sunday, March 31 at 1am, when clocks go forward one hour.

“This will primarily affect overnight airline coach services.”

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Departures from Oxford’s Gloucester Green will leave on Saturday at 9.15pm and 11.30pm (winter time) while on Sunday they will set off at 12.30am (winter time) and 2.15am (summer time).

Departures from Gatwick’s South Terminal will leave on Saturday at 10.55pm (winter time) while on Sunday they will leave at 12.55am (winter time) and 3.55am (summer time).

Services will depart Gatwick, North Terminal approximately five minutes later.

Departures from Heathrow’s Central Bus Station will leave on Sunday at 12am (winter time) as well as 3am and 5am (summer time).

Services will depart Heathrow’s Terminal Five approximately 10 minutes later.

This comes just weeks after the airline bus services were rerouted due to the ongoing congestion around St. Clements at peak times.

These changes saw coaches diverted via Headley Way, Marston Ferry Road and Banbury Road to Gloucester Green bus station to avoid getting caught in the area.