A county councillor has been suspended from the Conservative group after he retweeted a post by the far-right Britain First party.

Kevin Bulmer, who represents Goring, reposted the message which referred to an “Islamist squatter”, who it said wanted to “invade us and replace our culture with savagery”.

Britain First campaigns on an anti-immigration message and has called for a halt to all further immigration except in specific cases.

In 2018 its leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen were jailed for religiously aggravated harassment.

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Conservative group leader on Oxfordshire County Council, Eddie Reeves, said Mr Bulmer had been suspended and an investigation is under way.

He said: "The Conservative Party expects the highest standards of conduct from its councillors.

"I immediately suspended the Conservative Whip from Cllr Bulmer, pending further investigation of the post by the party’s independent team.

Oxford Mail: Councillor Kevin Bulmer Councillor Kevin Bulmer (Image: Oxford Conservatives)"It would be wrong to prejudice or pre-determine the outcome of such an investigation and I cannot therefore comment further while it is ongoing.”

Mr Bulmer said he shared the post, which he has now deleted, in error.

He said: "I had no knowledge of the organisation in question when reposting its original comment.

"I have since removed the post and I hope that the party will accept my unwitting mistake and conclude its investigation promptly."