Jeremy Clarkson has been reported to police for illegal activity on Diddly Squat Farm, but insists he's done anything wrong.

The Clarkson's Farm star was visited by Thames Valley Police officers after he was reported by hunting activists for filling in badger setts on his land at the Chadlington farm.

Mr Clarkson denied these claims saying he had shot them legally and therefore had no need to.

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Under UK wildlife law it is illegal to damage, destroy, block or disturb badger setts.

However, Mr Clarkson has claimed that he was not at fault, describing those who reported him to the police as "not very bright".

“They’re not very bright, because the what3words location showed these badger setts in the middle of a wildflower field,’ he told The Times.

“Well, badgers don’t make their setts in the middle of a field like that. There wasn’t a sett, they were just making it up.”

Oxford Mail:

Mr Clarkson explained to the publication that when using what3words, a geocode location app, it showed the badger setts were found in a different area.

According to The Telegraph, Lynn Sawyer, an activist with the Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs, claimed to have found badger setts that had been "handblocked".

The activist added that he'd been targeted due to his previous history of hosting fox hunts on his land

She said: "He may not have known it had been done. We are not picking on Clarkson.

"Instead we are trying to protect badgers from being persecuted and killed. We do not discriminate."

Last month, the former Top Gear present wrote in his column for The Sun denied claims he'd filled them in revealing he was visited by police officers.

"That is a serious criminal offence which can result in big fines and lengthy prison sentences. And if word leaked out that I’d been involved in such a thing, I’d be a social outcast," Mr Clarkson said.

He added: "Mercifully, however, I had the perfect excuse: 'I’ve shot all the badgers on the farm so why would I want to fill in their setts?'"

"And yes, before you ask, it was all legal."

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Oxford Mail:

The Hunt Saboteurs Association criticised Mr Clarkson's comments in his Sun column, saying "it's a bit sad how desperate he is to be liked by his farmer buddies". 

As the story spread, Mr Clarkson posted an Instagram story with the message "don't believe everything you read."

Fans of Clarkson's Farm will be familiar with his struggles with badgers as an entire episode of the Prime Video show was dedicated to the issue.

Clarkson’s Farm returns on Sunday, May 3 for its third series.

Season three will not be the last either after it was confirmed in November that the show will return with season four being given the green light by Amazon.

Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios’ head of unscripted in the UK, announced the news last year with work already underway for the fourth series of the Prime Video UK original.