Work is underway on a controversial traffic filters trial in Oxford as residents complain about vehicles blocking the road.

Oxfordshire County Council has confirmed that electrical works will start in Oxford from February 26 and continue for six nights, with one night at each location, to prepare the electrical supply that is needed for the trial.

A sign has appeared at the Plain Roundabout on St Clements as part of the £6.5million trial which will see filters placed on Hythe Bridge Street, Thames Street, St Cross Road, St Clements, Hollow Way and Marston Ferry Road.

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Oxford Mail: Signs have appeared.Signs have appeared. (Image: Noor Qurashi.)

Automatic number plate recognition cameras will be used to enforce the new rules.

Councillor Judy Roberts, cabinet member for development strategy, said: “We expect the traffic filters trial to have a big impact, reducing traffic across the city and making it easier to get around.

"The filters complement other measures in Oxford aimed at improving buses, taxis, walking and cycling."

Ms Roberts said the council is preparing to begin the trial for when Network Rail's work to the improve the Oxford railway station is complete in autumn.

She continued: "We'll keep disruption to a minimum as essential work is done to install signs and electrics over the coming months."

Oxford Mail: It is hoped the trial will help with congestion.It is hoped the trial will help with congestion. (Image: Oxford Mail)

The filters will operate seven days a week at varied daylight hours and any driver without a permit or who is otherwise not exempt would be charged a £70 penalty.

Conservative county and west Oxfordshire district councillor Liam Walker had said at the time of the decision that the filters would be "hitting residents' pockets and impacting businesses".

Work on the trial comes as some locals have criticised aspects of transport policy in the area.

One resident, James Bates, claimed he had fallen off his bike due to a coach blocking the cycle path on St Clements during rush hour traffic.

The coach was dropping off children at the nearby Magdalen College School.

Mr Bates said: "Surely blocking a cycle lane on a notoriously dangerous/deathly road for cyclists shouldn't be allowed?"

Oxford Mail: The coach was blocking the cycle path.The coach was blocking the cycle path. (Image: James Bates.)

A county council spokesman confirmed that the cycle lane is advisory and so no offence had been committed by a motor vehicle entering the lane.

They continued: "Even with a mandatory lane, motor vehicles are permitted to stop within the lane for picking up and setting down passengers.

"Similarly, vehicles are permitted to stop on double yellow lines to pick up or set down passengers. The same applies for loading, unless there is also a loading ban in place.

"Oxfordshire County Council continues to work with Magdalen College School on pupil transport planning.

"It is also expected that the traffic filter trial, which begins later this year, should reduce traffic flows on Magdalen Bridge."