A BMW driver has avoided prison after speeding across a junction and damaging four other vehicles.

Jack Glennon, 28, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Thursday (February 22) for count of driving a motor vehicle dangerously on May 11 last year.

It was heard that the driver had sped across the Hopcrofts Holt Crossroads in Oxford Road, near Banbury, after cutting in front of a queue of traffic.

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He then crashed into a waiting queue of cars on the opposite side of the road.

Sentencing him to eight months imprisonment, suspended for 24 months, Judge Ian Pringle said: “For your family and partner, make this time the only you appear in a criminal court.”

The court heard that Glennon, in his BMW, approached the junction in the right hand lane and stopped at red-traffic light.

However, when the lights changed to green, he sped in front of the line of traffic in the left hand lane to get across the junction quickly.

It was expected he was driving at about 70 to 80mph in a 60mph speed limit zone.

On the other side of the junction, there was a van pulling out of a garage and Glennon, instead of slowing or stopping, tried to squeeze through a gap between the van and the waiting queue of traffic.

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However, he ended up crashing into a Mini and three other vehicles. The court heard there were no injuries.

Defending Glennon, of Charlton-On-Otmoor, Kidlington, his barrister Tommy Dominquez said the 28-year-old has no previous convictions or driving offences.

“There is nothing in his history to suggest this is anything but a one-off,” he said.

The court also heard that Glennon stayed at the scene, exchanged insurance details with the owners of the other vehicles and cooperated fully with police.

It was explained he has been the manager of a a vehicle manufacturing company for eight years and has been in the ‘world of motoring’ for a ‘long time’.

Mr Dominguez added: “He knows he’s got a lot to lose. He’s got a bag packed as he fully appreciates he could be walking down those stairs behind him.”

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Sentencing Glennon, Judge Pringle said: “I’ve come to the conclusion, having read about you, particularly in the mitigation bundle with letters from your employer, mother and sisters, that I can take the view that there will be a prison sentence, but I can suspend it.”

Glennon was also disqualified from driving and must take an extended retest before driving again. He must also complete 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £425 in court costs.

A victim surcharge will also apply.