Viewers are calling for Barney Walsh to be replaced as co-host of BBC's Gladiators and believe a former This Morning presenter could fill the role alongside Bradley Walsh.

Gladiators returned to TV screens across the UK for the first time in nearly 24 years in January with a new batch on Gladiators and new hosts - father and son duo Bradley (The Chase) and Barney Walsh.

From week one fans have questioned Barney Walsh's place on the show.

One viewer, just a few moments into the first episode of the Gladiators reboot, said: "I get why they've got Bradley Walsh as a presenter he's a pro and he's got the comedic style to do it... But his son? Honestly? No, he's not up to it. Should've been a female second presenter."

Now a Gladiators fan, during Saturday's (February 17) episode, has come up with a possible replacement for Walsh - Holly Willoughby.

Oxford Mail: Holly Willoughby returned to television for the first time recently after stepping down from her role as host of This Morning in October.Holly Willoughby returned to television for the first time recently after stepping down from her role as host of This Morning in October. (Image: ITV)

Gladiators fans call for Holly Willoughby to replace Barney Walsh

Willoughby has only just returned to television as host of the new series of ITV's Dancing on Ice. 

This is her first role since she stepped down from This Morning after 14 years last October.

Now Gladiators fans are calling for Willoughby to replace Barney Walsh next season with one person saying the appointment would take the show to "the next level".

On X (formerly Twitter) one person said: "Anyone think Gladiators could be Holly’s next presenting port of call alongside Bradley?

"Looks like it’s been a big hit for the BBC.

"Only things it is lacking is a proper presenting duo (Barney is too wishy-washy). For me, Holly takes the show to the next level!"

The fan even posted a poll asking others what they thought. 

At the time of publication, the poll had received 44 votes with 45.5 per cent saying yes, they thought Willoughby should replace Walsh, while 54.5 per cent disagreed.

She wasn't the only viewer critical of Barney Walsh.

Another person watching Gladiators commented on X saying: "I agree with what it said in the Mirror last week Barney Walsh wouldnt have been given a job presenting by BBC had it not been with his father."

While another fan added Bradley and Barney should both be replaced: "Saying it now, Bradley and Barney Walsh are the worst thing about this show.

"Bradley isn't suited to this kind of programme and Barney is so out of his depth he's pretty much sunk.


"But, of course, Bradley is mates with the producer so I don't see this changing for series two."

But not all fans want Barney Walsh gone. 

One viewer on X during a previous episode commented: "I think we are in the minority but we quite like Barney Walsh on Gladiators in our house."