Gladiators viewers have shared the same complaint about the role of Bradley and Barney Walsh as presenters for the BBC reboot.

Many were upset to see that Bradley Walsh, who also presents The Chase, was hosting yet another show.

Some were also upset by the fact that Bradley Walsh's son Barney was accompanying his father on the programme with many levying accusations of "nepotism".

Gladiators viewers share same complaint about Bradley and Barney Walsh amid reboot

Some of those watching Gladiators complained about the inclusion of the father and son presenting team, arguing that their presence on telly was becoming "overkill".

One BBC viewer said: "Listen, I’ve nothing against the Bradley Walsh, I’m sure he’s a nice bloke, but Jesus Christ, give someone else a go at presenting something. It’s overkill at this stage."

Another fan was critical of Barney Walsh, saying: "I get why they've got Bradley Walsh as a presenter he's a pro and he's got the comedic style to do it... But his son? Honestly? No, he's not up to it. Should've been a female second presenter."

Another wrote to slam the general presenting style, saying: "Urgh, #Gladiators. Combining all the worst tropes of modern TV. Boring reality bits, “cheeky” delivery from presenters, Guy Mowbray, over-produced SHITE. It should be gritty. A presenter needs to earnestly say “awooga.”

Oxford Mail: Some Gladiators viewer said the inclusion of Barney Walsh was a sign of 'nepotism'.Some Gladiators viewer said the inclusion of Barney Walsh was a sign of 'nepotism'. (Image: BBC)

Some shared these criticisms with others accusing the pair of "nepotism".

One fan said: "There's no greater example of nepotism than Bradley Walsh's son," while another added: "#Gladiators Barney Wally Walsh nepotism rules Ok! Omg he has the personality of a potato?"

This comes as the classic programme returned to our screens tonight, seeing fans transported back to the 1990s.

Many were instantly pleased by the reboot with fans expressing their love of the theme song and 'buff' Gladiators.