A MURDER-accused woman had ‘fallen out’ with a woman who later told police she had ‘confessed to a murder’, a jury has heard.

Scarlet Blake, 25, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Carreno.

The 30-year-old Spanish man was found dead in Parsons Pleasure, a popular bathing spot in the city, on July 25, 2021.

It was heard during the trial on Thursday (February 15) that Blake had travelled to America after the alleged murder to visit a friend named Ashlynn Bell in Colarado.

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Defence barrister Richard Sutton KC told the jury that, while she was there, there was an ‘aggravation’ with ‘guns and stuff’ leading to Blake falling out with Miss Bell.

He then said when Blake returned to the UK, Miss Bell had made a report to police about Blake making an alleged confession to killing Mr Carreno.

She told police Blake had claimed to have sat behind Mr Carreno and strangled him with a homemade garotte while they were sat up against a tree.

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It was alleged that Blake said she then 'checked to see if he was dead to see if she could break his neck' but decided instead to push him into the water.

Blake has denied having involvement in the murder of Mr Carreno. She has, however, admitted to stealing her neighbours cat, dissecting it, and putting it in a blender.

The trial continues.