A murder trial following the death of a Spanish man and BMW worker entered its second week in Oxford yesterday.

It proved to be a dramatic day in Oxford Crown Court as Scarlet Blake, of Crotch Crescent, Marston, appeared before the jury accused of murdering 30-year-old Jorge Carreno.

It is alleged the 25-year-old strangled Mr Carreno before pushing him into the water at Parsons Pleasure, a popular bathing spot, in the early hours of July 25, 2021.

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She has denied the charge.

However, the jury heard yesterday she has pleaded guilty to ‘destroying’ a cat as well as seeing the 'murder victim' on the night of his death.

In the agreed facts, it was revealed that Blake does ‘not dispute’ that she saw Mr Carreno hours before his death.

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Police released CCTV footage of a figure seen with Mr Carreno in Radcliffe Square before he died but no one came forward to police appeals to identify the 'mystery figure'.

The agreed fact read: "There is no dispute that Ms Blake was in the company of Mr Carreno from 4am at Radcliffe Camera until 4.27am at the entrance of the Marston Cycle Path."

Oxford Mail: Scarlet BlakeScarlet Blake (Image: Hyde News)

The cat plea was also in the agreed facts.

Earlier in the trial, prosecutor Alison Morgan KC told the jury that Blake has a fascination with violence and harm and one ‘obvious manifestation' of these interests was a video of Blake dissecting the animal.

“On March 21, 2021, a cat went missing from a family home,” she said. "It went missing from a family home that happened to be on the same street as the defendant's address.

"It was a loved family cat having been adopted by a family from a rescue centre.

"The defendant's actions towards this cat showed planning, in particular the purchasing of equipment necessary to do what she wanted to do to this cat, and a fixation with what it would feel like to cause harm to a living thing.”

A cat crate and food was used to catch the animal. Ms Morgan said Blake then set up a live stream of her harming the cat.

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The video was 20 minutes long and Blake, according to Ms Morgan, said: "Here we go my little friend, oh boy you smell like s***, I can't wait [indistinguishable]...to put you through the blender."

According to a vet, the cat would have been in pain for about three minutes before it was dissected with a scalpel.

The song 'Truth Faith' by New Order was playing in the video.

It was said that Blake was inspired by the Netflix documentary 'Don't F*** With Cats' where murdered Luke Magnotta killed a man with the same song in the background.

Oxford Mail: CCTV released by TVP, now revealed to be BlakeCCTV released by TVP, now revealed to be Blake (Image: TVP)

The trial continues.