A JURY member in a murder trial has reported a 'strange coincidence' to the judge. 

Scarlet Blake, 25, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Carreno, a 30-year-old Spanish man who was found dead at the bathing spot, Parsons Pleasure, on July 26, 2021.

It is alleged she strangled Mr Carreno before pushing him into the river.

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She denies the charge and it is expected the defence will state it was an accident or suicide. 

In court on Monday (February 12), a jury member wrote a note to the judge, worried that someone may have been trying to 'intimidate or influence' the 12-strong panel. 

Written in a note to the judge, the jury member said: "When I left court at the end of the day on Friday I turned left out of the exit and I happened upon a leopard print piece of clothing on the pavement by the court building.

Oxford Mail: Scarlet Blake at a previous court appearance Scarlet Blake at a previous court appearance (Image: Hyde News)

"Given the sensitive information shown in connection to leopard print clothing it seemed very strange.

"I bring it to your attention because I hope it’s not someone hoping to intimidate or influence the jury in this case."

Previously in the trial, prosecutor Alison Morgan KC has told the jury that Blake allegedly receives 'sexual gratification' from strangulation and has a 'fascination' with violence and harm.

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A video, allegedly sent to Blake, was shown to the jury of her ex-partner strangling herself with a leopard print dressing gown cord.

On the night Mr Carreno went missing in the early hours of July 25, 2021, it is alleged Blake took a picture with the leopard print dressing down.

The jury member was thanked for raising their concerns but was reassured that it was just a coincidence and they have nothing to worry about.

The trial continues.