A mastermind behind the controversial '15-minute-city' planning model is coming to give a talk in Oxford.

Oxford University is set to host Franco-Colombian urbanist Carlos Moreno on February 29 where he will speak about his "passion" and "share insights and engage in meaningful discussions".

'15-minute-cities' are based on a model where most daily necessities and services can be easily reached by a 15-minute walk, bike ride, or public transit ride from any point in the city.

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Opponents of the concept associate it with the introduction of LTN traffic measures which have proved contentious for the restriction of motor vehicles.

But Green city councillor Emily Kerr said: "15-minute-cities are a planning concept and have genuinely nothing to do with LTNs.

Oxford Mail: Councillor Emily Kerr.Councillor Emily Kerr. (Image: Oxford City Council.)

"If people have got shops nearby they don't need to drive so much.

"Professor Moreno is one of the leading authorities on making cities more liveable and I think it's exciting he's come to talk to us about this."

The University of Oxford was asked whether it was looking forward to hosting Prof Moreno and if strong opinions were anticipated at the event.

A spokeswoman said: "‘Oxford hosts an extraordinary range of academic experts and thought leaders from across the spectrum of political and public opinion.

Oxford Mail: Mr Moreno will speak at Oxford University.Mr Moreno will speak at Oxford University. (Image: Newsquest)

"This varied programme contributes to the university’s thriving intellectual life and world-leading teaching and research.

"Professor Carlos Moreno is an eminent expert in transport planning and policy. 

"He will deliver one of a number of talks in Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit Hilary Term Seminar Series. 

"The talk will afford members of the audience the opportunity to ask him questions and discuss his views."

The city council's cabinet member for zero carbon Oxford and climate justice, Anna Railton, is optimistic about the talk.

"The whole point of university is to learn things," she said.

"I'm not going there to reinforce my own perceptions."

Oxford Mail: Many have come to associate Moreno's ideas with controversial traffic filters in Oxford.Many have come to associate Moreno's ideas with controversial traffic filters in Oxford. (Image: Ed Nix)

Ms Railton added: "I just hope they've thought about how they are going to manage this event and they've got some security sorted out."

Meanwhile, the city council's cabinet member for housing Linda Smith has stated she will not be attending the talk.

"I think there's far too much theorising about these things and what matters is people's real-life experiences," she said.

Oxford Mail: Councillor Linda Smith.Councillor Linda Smith. (Image: Contribution.)

Prof Moreno has suggested in previous interviews that he has received "violent death threats" for his "misinterpreted" concept.

There were large protests and a heavy police presence when the gender-critical feminist Dr Kathleen Stock gave a talk at the Oxford Union in May.

Her talk was interrupted by protesters glueing themselves to the floor.