Shoppers have been disappointed at the lack of cashiers at a refurbished supermarket meaning self-checkout was the only reasonable option.

Sainsbury’s Witney reopened at the end of November following a refurbishment.

New lines in the store include a Kitchen Deli, new cheese and charcuterie displays and an upgraded Sushi counter.

There is also a new Starbucks café inside the supermarket.

The refurbishment also included the "reformatting of the checkout offer".

There are now just six serviced tills - alongside 23 self-service tills.

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There are eight self-checkouts for customers doing a smaller shop and using baskets, nine larger self-checkouts for customers doing a larger shop using trolleys and six SmartShop checkouts.

It proved a divisive issue on social media.

While some shoppers preferred to scan their own shopping others were mildly frustrated to find there were so few cashiers available.

One joked on Witney Spotted Facebook page: "I got kicked out of Sainsbury's this morning. The manager asked me what I was doing in the break room, you don't even work here. I said, 'I just finished using the self checkout, so clearly I do'."

The post received 644 likes.

Another customer posted: "That’s quite right. Ask to join the pension scheme also."

And a third said: "Should have asked for your staff discount. Mind you they will be charging you to park next."

Also hinting that the supermarket was saving money on staff which may not be passed on, one poster said: "The self serve checkouts are great. My shopping bill has reduced dramatically."

However, another social media user welcomed the self scan option - as long as it works properly.

She said: "I am not a massively chatty person and I have a busy full time job. I am not someone whose only social contact is via shopping but there is often one poor person trying to whizz around fixing the scanning issues."

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Sainsbury's said the changes to the store have not impacted the number of staff as its colleagues are multi-skilled and have received training to become expert in different departments around the store.

It said it regularly reviews the services available in all its stores to make sure it offers the most convenient experience for customers, upgrading equipment, meeting increasing customer demand for a service or reducing a service which has become less popular.

Customers still have the choice of paying through serviced tills, self-serve checkouts and SmartShop, it said.