A 'suspicious vehicle' is being investigated by police after a 17-year-old girl was approached at an Oxfordshire bus stop.

The driver of what police believe is a black Jaguar F pace stopped and spoke to the teenager, who he asked to get inside the car. He cited the cold weather as a reason to do so, with a view to giving her a lift.

The girl refused and continued to wait for the bus.

The incident is said to have happened in Freeland and was reported on Sunday (December 3).

Thames Valley Police posted on Facebook: "Clearly we do not know the intentions of the driver, but the right decision was made to continue a wait for the bus.

"These incidents are rare, but if you do travel after dark then there are one or two things you can do to help safeguard yourself: Keep a charged mobile phone, perhaps have an open line to a friend while you are waiting, if possible be around a lit area, if you're waiting, try and reduce the time you wait around by leaving your home or place of work a few minutes later."

Police say ANPR and CCTV enquiries are ongoing.