Waste Innovation Station Headquarters (WISH) - a climate action museum - is now open in Kidlington.

The museum officially opened last Saturday (November 4) with 50 visitors including local voluntary groups, school heads, councillors.

The project was inspired by community members requesting support in making the right choices to live more sustainably.

A pilot phase has now been completed which was funded by The National Lottery Climate Action Fund, helping community members reduce their household waste and provide feedback about what future support was needed.

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WISH is now open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Inside, visitors will find quizzes and interactive displays to boost their understanding of small steps that can be made to protect the environment.

Exhibits also include repurposed items, and WISH-made creations crafted from waste plastics, textiles and musical equipment.

Cherwell Collective founder and managing director Emily Connally said: “It’s a really amazing feeling knowing so many people came together to make this truly unique space, together, to share skills and knowledge and help one another build climate resilience.

“Thinking back to writing the original WISH proposals that’s now over two years ago, it just goes to show what can happen in a short amount of time when people are given a chance to build the solutions they want for problems we all face.”