A Witney woman and her best friend are proving their grit and determination in a new Prime Video show which sees them completing a host of arduous challenges all over the globe against competitors in a race to win £1 million.

Jen Dorward, from Witney, and Beth Foxwell are one of nine couples in Prime Video’s new show 007: Road to a Million who complete a series of strenuous tasks which require them to retrieve briefcases containing advanced general knowledge questions linked to their task in several locations around the world which feature in James Bond films.

Couples begin in the Scottish Highlands and then spread out to countries including Jamaica, Italy and Switzerland.

To locate the cases, Jen, Beth and their fellow competitors are given a set of amorphous clues from the ominous and omnipresent ‘Controller’ (portrayed by Brian Cox) who sees and controls their movements from an unknown location. The clues require them to scale and climb mountains, scuba dive in the ocean, swim in lochs, shoot at targets, break into buildings, overcome language barriers and handle snakes and spiders – often in extreme conditions – in a race against the clock.

With every task and test completed, each couple banks a certain amount before advancing to the next, more difficult challenge. However, failure to find the case in time or correctly answer their general knowledge question contained within eliminates them from the competition. The ultimate prize for completing every task is £1 million.

Jen, a trained nurse who has worked for the prison service and the RAF in addition to working overseas helping soldiers and asylum seekers, initially signed up to the show after being on the receiving end of jibes from her sister.

Jen said: “My sister saw an advert on Facebook that was looking for thrill seeking couples for global adventures. She jokingly suggested I apply. I’ve travelled a lot and like exciting experiences so took her up on that, then immediately thought of Beth as a potential teammate.”

Beth lives in Gloucestershire and has experience working in emergency care departments all over the world.

Jen and Beth are pitted against eight other couples from all walks of life across the UK: brothers Joey and James, husband and wife Kamara and Josh, sisters Sana and Saiqa, father and son James and Sam, retired police officers Keith and Nick and friendship pairs Colin and Danny, Grace and Daniella and Tanaka and James. The couples however never meet on screen.

Beth said: “We’ve been filming over the last year. When we signed up, we knew contestants would be in pairs all around the world but not how many.

“There were long periods of filming which were physically exhausting and gruelling. They were testing us right to the limit of what we could handle. We were frozen out, heated up, drenched, thrown up high and dropped down low.

“There were big swims, currents and climbs which really tested your strength. You suddenly thought you’d completed a challenge but then discovered there was still more to overcome. It was a huge accomplishment to complete each one.”

The nursing duo tout their highlight of the show as driving an Aston Martin DB5, as seen in several Bond films, and facing their toughest fears head on.

Jen said: “The experience truly was once in a lifetime. I think we made a great team and really balanced each other out. We call each other second sisters now as the experience has brought us that much closer.”

Can Jen and Beth go all the way and beat their fellow opponent duos on the road to £1 million?

007: Road to a Million launches on Prime Video today (Friday, November 10) with all eight episodes available to stream at once.