A dangerous 'TAP OUT' game that has been linked to several deaths is reported to be resurfacing in West Oxfordshire. 

The challenge involves being put in a chokehold to the point of passing out. 

One child puts their arm around the neck of another child and applies pressure until the child “taps out” indicating that the game should stop.

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Sometimes the child will try to do this to themselves and on some occasions it is filmed and put on social media.

It has been particularly popular on Tik Tok. 

The game has also been referred to as pass out challenge, the flat liner or choking game. 

There have been reports of fatalities within the UK and reports of this being played in West Oxfordshire.

Police have therefore warned parents and carers about the trend.

They have advised people to look out for signs of constant headaches, blood shot eyes and marks around the neck and body. 

Officers have advised parents to contact their child's school or the police if they have any concerns.