Florence Pugh has revealed in an interview what her favourite pub is in the city of Oxford.

The Oxford-born film star who has featured in films such as Lady Macbeth, Midsommar and Don't Worry Darling shared this information when appearing on the YouTube interview series Hot Ones.

The concept of the show is that celebrity guests are asked questions whilst eating chicken wings with increasing levels of spicy hot sauce on them.

In the episode, which was released at the end of March, interviewer Sean Evans asked Florence what her favourite historic pub in Oxford was.

What is Florence Pugh's favourite Oxford pub?

The 27-year-old had little hesitation in answering that Turf Tavern on Bath Place was her favourite, describing it as "amazing".

She went on: "Turf Tavern is old, it's legendary, all the doors are like yea high, because people were really short back then."

Florence also mentioned that the cast of Harry Potter had drunk there along with famous figures such as the writer C.S Lewis.

She added: "It's like something from Harry Potter, like you're going down this alleyway and then suddenly you'll turn a corner and everybody's partying with witch capes and brooms and stuff.

"It's this tiny little tuft of a building that has these short low bars, and amazing beers and ciders, and it's such an experience. I love it."

Due to Turf Tavern's location in the heart of academic Oxford, between New College and Hertford College it is a popular venue for students.

Additionally, it is dog-friendly and it has its own beer garden.