Hollywood star Florence Pugh has featured in her brother’s music video that was filmed in their father’s Oxford restaurant.

The music video is for Toby Sebastian’s latest single Midnight.

The Academy Award-nominated actress, 27, is seen duetting the song with her brother on stage at Kazbar, owned by Clinton Pugh.

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The video features a special credit to their father Clinton in the end.

In the video, Ms Pugh is wearing an electric red two-piece suit paired with a red lipstick.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Sebastian said they had “a lot of fun with this one”, adding that he hoped his fans enjoyed the new music.

He previously said of the collaboration: “We’ve always grown-up collaborating as a family, which is kind of the beauty of this song.

“When I was writing the song, I was literally walking out the door to go and do the final edit and my mum was like, ‘Floss, why don’t you sing some backing vocals?’, so we jumped in the car and with no rehearsal and about 20 minutes of studio time, and Florence added her magic to the track.

“We had so much fun filming in our family restaurant, a place that my sisters and I all grew up in. The restaurant has an amazing vibe so we knew it would be the perfect setting for the music video.

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“We shot the whole thing with a crew and cast made up of close friends and family, so it was a lot of fun.”

Mr Pugh has recently spoken out about the impact that the new Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme is having on local businesses.

He recently set up a banner above one of his restaurants that accused Oxford City Council of censorship and references George Orwell’s novel 1984.

He added: “The council have literally strangled the life out of the Cowley Road and it is having a very negative effect on businesses.

“I wanted to show the general public the council do not want you to see another opinion.

“The way they have executed it is more like an execution of businesses on the Cowley Road.”