A badger seriously injured in a roadside ‘hit and run’ has been released back into the wild.

The badger was run over by a car on March 21.

The animal suffered serious concussion, soft tissue damage and a swollen neck but avoided any broken bones.

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The driver did not stop, and the animal had to be rescued by Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue (OWR) and the Oxfordshire Badger Group (OBG).

A concerned gentleman in the car behind got in contact with the groups.

Debbie White, badger vaccination and rescue coordinator for the OBG, said: “Amelia and I released the badger back to his territory on Sunday evening, after he had spent time being treated at Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue. 

“Out of the number of badgers that Oxfordshire Badger Group rescues each year, only a very tiny number will survive being hit by a car. 

“This badger was extremely lucky that the gentleman in the car behind took the time to stop and check to see if he was alive. 

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“If you see a badger lying on the side of the road, please report to OBG via our website.

“We have a dedicated team of 30 volunteers who will go out and check to see if the badger is dead.

“Last year we pick up two badgers that were unconscious or had concussion as opposed to being dead.

“Both badgers were rehabilitated and released.

“During the Spring we also check to see if the dead badger was a sow that may have left orphaned cubs nearby.”