A badger was badly injured after it was hit by a car last night (March 21).

The badger suffered serious concussion, soft tissue damage and a swollen neck but avoided any broken bones.

The driver did not stop, and the animal had to be rescued by Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue and the Oxfordshire Badger Group.

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Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue were alerted to the injured badger after they received a call from a distressed gentleman.

The driver in front of him had hit the badger but failed to stop.

In a report on Facebook, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue said: “We knew Debbie from Oxfordshire Badger Group was based literally minutes around the corner from the incident so we asked if she could go out and investigate the situation.

“I've worked with Debbie for a while now, and normally she describes badger injuries as 'fixable' or 'a bit sore' etc, but when she reported back with simply the words "he's in a real mess" I have to admit ... alarm bells started to ring in my head.

“This badger was in deep trouble, and if he was to stand any chance in surviving his ordeal (let alone recover) he needed urgent medical assistance.

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“We decided to meet half way, and when I first clapped eyes on him, my heart literally sank.

“He looked terrible.

“So we bunged him into the wildlife ambulance and I headed over to our 24 hour vet to have him x rayed immediately.

The badger was later placed on steroids and given pain killers.

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue reported that the badger this morning had woken up but was irritable and sore.


The group added: “We would like to say thank you to Debbie and Andy for going out last night for us to collect the badger!

“It’s amazing when two charities work together for the same reasons, and it just goes to show how efficient and what can be achieved.

“We are a 24-hour ambulance, that is strictly for sick and injured wild animals that need our help.

“We are a charity and rely on public donations in order to operate our service.

“If you can / wish to help us to help them, we are currently fundraising for some new pens in our rehabilitation site, if you would like to contribute towards them, please find the link below in order to do this.”