Arriva buses have admitted "some changes" will be made to bus services in Oxford due to low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs).

This comes after a commuter claimed that passengers have not been taken to their passengers to their destinations as full routes have not been completed.

Kate Spanchak said that the 280 and x8 service has been "running inconsistently for months".

Arriva responded by saying that changes are being made to the service since "significant congestion experienced" since the introduction of LTNs.

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Ms Spanchak said: “The Arriva buses are not even taking their passengers to their destinations today the bus only went to Wheatley services then turned around to go back to Oxford passengers trying to get further towards Aylesbury were left fuming with anger.

"They have been running inconsistently for months.

"I constantly make complaints which I don't like doing, the late night bus service never resumed after the pandemic, buses often don't run their full route and either turn around at Wheatley Services or the Green Road roundabout.

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"They also go out of service because the driver is late, last week I witnessed what appeared to be an agency driver rather than a regular driver tell a passenger waiting to the bus to Thame to 'read the front of the bus'."

An Arriva spokesperson said: “We're having to make some changes to this service, particularly during peak periods, to take into account the significant congestion experienced in the St Clement's area of Oxford since the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. 

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"We’re continuing to work closely with Oxfordshire County Council on a more permanent solution to this problem and would like to thank all our customers for their patience while we work to resolve this."