Jeremy Clarkson’s farm has given a lifeline to nearby businesses, a butcher and farmer have said.

The second hearing for Jeremy Clarkson’s planning appeals took place in West Oxfordshire District Council’s offices in Witney and scathing criticisms were directed at the council from business owners.

Mr Clarkson is appealing the council’s decision to refuse permission for a car park and the forced closure of his restaurant.

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Mr Clarkson has not gone to any of the appeal hearings but Charles Ireland- known to fans of the Amazon prime show Clarkson’s Farm as ‘Cheerful Charlie’- and his lawyer Richard Kimblin were there on his behalf.

Owner of Hook Norton Butchers Henry Lawrence, 33, supplies Diddly Squat Farm shop with meat, and said his business “would not be the same without the trade” they received from the farm.

He said: “Before Diddly Squat, there was three of us who were full time.

“We have continued to supply and work with the farm shop and now as a result we have ten full time staff.”

Mr Lawrence said Diddly Squat had allowed his business to expand and they were “now opening a new shop”.

He expressed his support for Mr Clarkson opening a new car park and said there was an opportunity for Diddly Squat Farm to become the “the crown jewel of sustainable farming”.

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Oxfordshire farmer Emma Ledbury, who owns 60 cows, said Mr Clarkson’s farm was to thank for “keeping us farming”.

She said: “We are struggling to make a living by dairy farming on its own.

“We have sold 50,000 litres of milk in the two and half years since the farm shop was open.

“Diddly Squat is a huge value to our business”.

Ms Ledbury said she supported plans for expanding the car park because she currently couldn’t access the farm’s milk vending machine.

Oxford Mail: Milk at Diddly Squat FarmMilk at Diddly Squat Farm (Image: Newsquest)

She explained: “We can’t access the milk vending machine when the farm shop is open because of parking.

“The amount of milk we sell through the farm shop would double if we could properly access it.

“I whole heartedly support the plans to expand the car park.”

Ms Ledbury said Lisa Hogan, Mr Clarkson’s girlfriend, had asked her to expand the products she sells and they were now looking at “making yoghurts”.

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Senior planning officer Chris Wood acknowledged there were “some economic benefits” but said it “doesn’t matter whether the farm shop makes money or not”.

He added: “It is about good television and a successful television show.

“The shop all depends on the celebrity status of Mr Clarkson.”

Mr Wood said Diddly Squat Farm was not a “normal farm shop” and argued the “success of the television show and the farm shop are interrelated”.