An angry member of the public has criticised the lack of toilets at Diddly Squat Farm. 

A planning hearing is taking place at West Oxfordshire District Council’s offices in Witney.

Jeremy Clarkson has decided to not attend himself but Charlie Ireland, known as Cheerful Charlie, is attending on his behalf.

Barrister Charles Streeten, best known for being mocked by Mr Clarkson for his dyslexia, has raised the issue of there not being adequate toilet facilities for visitors to the restaurant.

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The council previously rejected planning applications for a car park and a restaurant at Jeremy Clarkson’s farm.

Mr Streeten said visitors were having to be “transported via quad bike” back and forth between the Diddly Squat farm shop and restaurant due to a lack of toilets.

Mr Streeten referenced an episode in the latest season of Clarkson’s Farm and the planning inspector said he had not watched the show and did not intend to.

Mr Ireland said it is possible that a portable loo could be installed.

He said the quad bike was only temporarily used during a week of filming and now is no longer used.

One angry member of the public, Hilary Moore, said when she first visited Mr Clarkson’s restaurant there was nowhere where people could wash their hands.

She said: “I ate at the restaurant the day Mr Clarkson invited residents to eat.

“There was a track and everyone was transported on the quad bike.

"All the washing up was transported back to the farm in a convoy of vehicles.

"There are no permanent facilities.

"You couldn't wash your hands there."

Ms Moore has previously written a letter to the council complaining the roads were “clogged with traffic”.

She has also called for the “farm shop to be closed down immediately and no more permission granted to further developments”.

Mr Clarkson’s lawyer stated in the hearing that the “toilet facilities are not functionally separate”.

He added: “It is important not to forget that this is a substantial farming enterprise.

“The fact that one moves from one part of the farm to another to use the toilet does not have a planning consequence.”

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The complaints about the toilets on the site come after a West Oxfordshire District Council representative argued Mr Clarkson’s farm was not a “genuine farm shop”.

A council representative complained: "People aren't queuing to buy turnips but souvenirs."

The council’s main criticism in the hearing currently is that the Diddly Squat Farm shop sells farm produce alongside merchandise such as branded t-shirts.

It has been clarified by the planning inspector that the hearing will continue into tomorrow.