Diddly Squat Farm does not have a ‘genuine farm shop’, a lawyer has argued in the opening of the planning appeal hearing.

A planning hearing is currently underway at West Oxfordshire District Council’s offices in Witney.

The council previously rejected planning applications for a car park and a restaurant at Jeremy Clarkson’s farm.

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Scenes of clashes between the council and Mr Clarkson appeared in season two of the Amazon Prime Video hit series that premiered on February 10.

Mr Clarkson has since appealed the decision of the council.

Lawyer Charles Streeton explained the objection of local residents to the farm shop as it currently stands.

He said they object to Mr Clarkson selling products which come from more than 16 miles from the site.

Mr Streeton raised particular opposition to items being sold that have Diddly Squat Farm branding.

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He said: “A potato is being sold for £20 and you get a free t-shirt.”

“It's not a genuine farm shop.”

He claimed that this was a material change in use from a farm shop to a farm-gift shop and that this constituted a leisure attraction.

Another council representative explained that the shop is ‘heavily branded.’

He said: "You are buying a lump of butter and it is Diddly Squat Farm butter. And you are paying £5 for it. It is therefore technically a souvenir". 

The lawyers acting on behalf of Diddly Squat Farm responded saying there is no material difference between a farm shop and a farm gift shop.