A YOUNG boy has helped collect food and other essential items to help people in need this Christmas.

Ten-year-old George Pottinger, who lives in Abingdon with his three sisters, wanted to help others out during the festive season.

He was inspired by Abingdon amateur boxing club, where he is a member, as the club have done a lot for charity throughout the year.

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So the Carswell Primary School student asked his mum if he could do a collection on their home estate. He borrowed a trolley from a family friend and went around with one of his sisters, Sophie, and did a collection over the weekend.

He filled his trolley numerous times with food and essentials and even had some money donated which George and his mum went to the shops with to buy extra food and essentials.

After seeing how much he had managed to collect, the ten-year-old said he felt ‘overwhelmed’ with all the support.

His mum, Gemma, said: “I feel I need to tell you this as he has a heart of gold and did this off his own back.

“Some of the trainers at the club do a lot for charity and collect items for the homeless in Oxford and food for the Abingdon food bank.

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“When George found out about this he asked me on his own if he could do a collection.”


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This story was written by Gee Harland. She joined the team in 2022 as a senior multimedia reporter.

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