AN Oxfordshire MP has met with anti-spiking campaigner and former Love Island contestant and a school student to discuss how they can improve the safety of women and girls.

David Johnston, MP for Wantage and Didcot, met with Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka and student Niamh Dernie, 16 to also talk about tackling misogyny.

The MP has previously worked with Miss Gaffka on her anti-spiking campaign after meeting with her in Parliament.

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He arranged for her to meet with the Minister for Safeguarding to discuss her experiences, and these were later cited in the Home Office’s announcement of tougher sentencing laws for spiking drugs.  

Mr Johnston first met Niamh during one of his constituency surgeries where she raised concerns about sexist behaviour she and friends had experienced from men and boys.

The student was keen to campaign against this and the dismissive attitudes she encountered when reporting it.

Mr Johnston said: “We have seen too many examples of sexist behaviour being dismissed as ‘boys will be boys’, and this must change.

“I think it is clear that boys who are taught to respect women will grow up to be men who respect women.”

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Miss Gaffka added: “I think Niamh is a remarkable young woman, putting herself in a position to stand out from her peers in the name of doing what she thinks is right.”


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