PLANS for the next 158 homes of an 1,880-home housing estate in Didcot have been submitted. 

Croudace Homes and the University of Reading received outline planning permission for the estate to the north east of the town, since named Willowbrook Park, from South Oxfordshire District Council in June 2017.

The planning authority approved plans with the condition that each phase was brought back to the council with more detail including the appearance, layout and scale, and more.

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A total of 317 homes, ranging from two to four bedrooms, have already been built with the first phase of 201 homes approved in May 2019. The second phase of 57 homes was approved in August last year.

Developers Croudace Homes submitted two further applications for 59 homes and 40 homes respectively in July which have yet to be approved.

Plans also included a new £13m primary school, which will be built in another part of the development called Willington Down nearby, which is part of the 1,880 allocated new homes, and is set to admit 510 pupils from the Willowbrook Park estate from next year.  It also includes 90 nursery places for two and three-years-old.

Now, Crest Nicholson (Chiltern) have submitted an application for a ‘sub-phase’ in the Willington Down development, titled Nobel Park Didcot, which the company is responsible for.

The site is located centrally within the wider development, situated immediately to the west of phases two and four and to the east/southeast of the secondary school site.

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Plans include the erection of 158 dwellings that will be a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced dwellings along with apartments.

This includes nine one bed flats/houses, 68 x two-bed flats/houses, 45 three-bed houses, 24 four-bed houses and 12 five-bed houses.

A total of 30 of these will be affordable homes of the total 470 required of the entire development.

As well as the homes there will also be new car parking and garages, internal access roads, footpaths, parking and circulation areas, hard and soft landscaping, and other associated infrastructure and engineering works.

Pegasus Group, on behalf of Crest Nicholson (Chiltern), said in a planning statement: “The applicants are very keen to start work on site and to start delivering new housing (including much needed affordable housing) in line with national planning guidance and local development policies.

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“The Local Planning Authority is therefore respectfully encouraged to grant reserved matters approval for the subject application at earliest opportunity.”

The planning authority will make a decision by February 7.


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