THE Mayor of Abingdon is pleased that plans have been submitted to improve the A34 Lodge Hill Interchange in Abingdon.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, have submitted plans for an improvement scheme in the area including south-facing slips from the A4183 Oxford Road to the A34.

Other plans include a new grade separated dumbbell junction, an off-slip to allow northbound traffic to exit the A34 and an on-slip to allow southbound traffic to enter the A34, sustainable drainage measures, revised access, balancing ponds, lighting columns, planting/landscaping, provision of shared footway and cycleway, vehicle restraint system, bus layby extension, fencing, signalised and unsignalised crossing for active travel users and associated infrastructure works.

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The plans are hoped to increase junction capacity, reduce congestion within the town centre, reduce journey times by providing direct access to the A34, reduce vehicles at the A34 Marcham Interchange and held provide infrastructure for new homes across the town.

Mayor Andy Foulsham said he is ‘enthusiastic’ about the plans which have ‘been needed for years’.

He said: “It’s been talked about pretty much since I moved to Abingdon 25 years ago – I think it’s great we’ve finally got the plans submitted.

“It’ll be the best for the people of North Abingdon as the South Abingdon Marcham Interchange just gets so crowded so it’ll be a huge benefit to everyone in the town.”

People living in the town are also pleased to see the plans submitted but are worried about whether they will actually come to fruition.

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One resident said: “By the time the planning is approved, the funding will either have been reallocated to something more important, or won't be anywhere near enough to fund it.

“You say you won't believe it until the first spade in the ground, I won't believe it until the first car drives on it.”

Another added: “Believe it when I see it.”

However, Mr Foulsham said that councils at all levels are ‘keen’ to see the plans happen.

“There’s unanimity that it really needs to happen,” he said. “Yes, it has taken time but it needs to be done right and that’s the key thing.

“For example the initial plans had issues for people that were cycling of walking and the new plans are much better for that and I know the plans have taken earlier comments on board making it more useful.”

Councillor Nathan Ley, who represents Abingdon North on the county council, added: “I think I speak for just about everyone in saying it’s high time this goes through and that promises made years and decades ago are finally fulfilled.”

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A consultation on the plans submitted will open on November 24 and close on December 24. Following this period, the planning committee hopes to reach a decision between February and March next year.


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