A DISABLED woman has praised Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in Oxford saying she can travel ‘quicker’.

The controversial traffic measures installed by Oxfordshire County Council have been dividing communities across the city for the past year.

The bollards, which sees the prevention of through traffic, via planters or bollards, making neighbourhoods quieter, have been vandalised several times by being cut down, burnt and more.

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In cases where they have been removed, people have acted as human bollards to prevent vehicles passing.

The woman, who has lived in Oxford all her life near Cowley Road, the LTNs have proved a successful scheme.

She said: “The LTNs are a brilliant system which I have been thoroughly enjoying, giving me more freedom and independence as an electric wheelchair user.

“LTNs and quieter streets have opened up so many local streets so that everyone can travel, walk, cycle, scooter and wheel safely within them. Also it has cut down pollution in my neighbourhood.

“My best LTN street is Cornwallis Road because I can wheel at top speed, safely in the middle of the road because of the camber.

“James Street is a regular route that I use to get from Iffley Road to Tesco on Cowley Road.

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“Before the LTNs were in place, this used to be a very challenging trip, trying to avoid the household bins scattered about obstructing the pavements , parked cars on pavements, and fly tipping.

“Now I really enjoy riding in the middle of the road. I can get to my destination a lot quicker without being stressed out about trying to get past obstacles on the narrow pavements.”

Evin Abrishami, a community nurse who lives in Cowley where LTNs have been in place for six months, also said the scheme has worked well for her.

She said: “As a single mum and community mental health nurse associate, I know how difficult people’s lives can be, but the LTNs are working for me.

“I visit my patients by e-scooter, bike or by car if I need certain equipment. It definitely raises a smile when I turn up in my uniform on the e-scooter.

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“The LTNs do mean I have to plan my journeys a bit more, but I just think there are so many journeys that don’t NEED to be done by car.

“Often I can get there quicker on a bike or e-scooter than in the car! If I can swap to an escooter or bike with a demanding job and two kids on my own, then others can.”  


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This story was written by Gee Harland. She joined the team in 2022 as a senior multimedia reporter.

Gee covers Wallingford, Wantage and Didcot.

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