OUTLINE planning permission has been submitted to build 150 new homes in Benson.

Croudace Homes has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, for outline planning permission for 150 dwellings, including affordable housing, public open space, landscaping, and more on the land west of Braze Lane.

Outline planning permission is an initial form of permission for Croudace Homes to get feedbacks as regards of the scale and nature of the development. It is used to find out an early stage whether the proposal is likely to be approved before any substantial costs are incurred.

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In a planning statement prepared on behalf of Croudace Homes by David Jarvis Associates, it states the ‘benefits’ on the new estate would be a ‘high-quality, design-led development’ with homes that will be 40 per cent affordable.

It adds that it would provide ‘economical benefits’ to the district such as an increase in jobs as well as the developments contributing to the community with 24 per cent of CIL payments going to Benson Parish Council.

A formal open space including a children’s play area is also stated as a benefit with further land possibly being set aside for allotments as well as a new scout hut.

If approved, the site will be accessed from the realigned B4009 and a second emergency access in Braze Lane.

The application is currently open for consultation until December 7.

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Many residents have already commented on the plans, stating the village ‘already has too many homes’.

Helen Ashton, of Brook Street, said: “Benson has so many new houses recently, ruining the charm of the village.

“There are not sufficient facilities to sustain the current new houses, let alone any more. The school is full, the doctor is full, the streets in the village centre are too busy, and the food shops cannot supply everyone.”

Patricia Stevenson, of Westfield Road, added: “We already have more than enough homes in the village and do not have the infrastructure to deal with any more.”

Resident Rob Workman said: The village cannot support further - this is good agricultural land and should be safe guarded for that use. Greedy b***y developers.”

Claire Munday added: “We do need any more houses in the village - we certainly do not want to make this quiet end of the village into a building site.

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“The village cannot accommodate all these new families with our doctors surgery taking no new patients and our already expanded primary school at capacity.”

The planning authority will make a decision by February 3.


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