DIFFERENT sizes are being considered for a controversial reservoir which is being planned for Abingdon.

Plans for a reservoir resurfaced in September 2021 when water regulator Ofwat published documents revealing plans for reservoirs across England in a bid to tackle the effects of climate change.

This was after Thames Water spent more than 15 years trying to push through plans for the scheme which when originally suggested would have covered 6.7 square- kilometres of farmland between Steventon, East Hanney and Drayton.

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The reservoir would provide water to the Thames Valley, London, and the wider South East.

A consultation was then launched by Water Resources South East (WRSE) in January this year.

Now, WRSE are considering different sizes for the reservoir despite villagers condemning the plans as ‘environmentally disastrous’ as well as being an ‘eyesore’.

WRSE's Trevor Bishop said that the public have a right to express their thoughts on the different sizes put forward.

He said: “Each different size has its positives and negatives aspects to it. So certainly, we see the reservoir at a more middle type of size as a genuine option as well as the larger one that was proposed before.”

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To find out more about WRSE’s emerging regional plan and respond to the consultation visit wrse.org.uk

The consultation is open until March 14, 2022.


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