THE owner of an Indian restaurant is giving out free Christmas dinners for homeless people after someone made him one when he was living rough a decade ago.   

Hasnath Miah, who runs Indian Dream in Didcot, will also be giving out Christmas dinners for those alone on the festive day or those in need.

He already has 22 people booked in to receive a dinner and is expecting more.

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Mr Miah started has been given out free meals since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, totalling over 10,000, including free dinners on Christmas for the last two years.

“I do it all year round,” he said. “But I want to help bring peace at Christmas. I’m not stopping, I’m never going to stop.

“So far,  22 people have already asked for Christmas dinner but I don’t how many people I will have in total until Christmas day.

“I will wake up early on Christmas, have something to eat myself and for my family and then start cooking for the people and for other customers who are paying that come in as well.

“It will be very, very busy. I think I’m the only Indian restaurant that will be open. I’m quite happy, I’m happy doing what I’m doing. It’s not about business, I feel responsible helping people.

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“I used to be homeless before and had no where to go on Christmas and a kind lady called Anne helped me with Christmas dinner 10 years back.”

The restaurant owner said he has noticed a rise in people asking for free meals due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Determined to help, he has been using his own wages since April to still provide free food for those in need.

“The problem is that I have more people coming to me than ever,” he said. “Food is so expensive.

“Business is very difficult, it’s a hard time. Most of the time I still don’t get any wages, there is not enough money for myself.

“I pay the people who work for me and I pay my bills and after that if there’s anything left over I will take it but sometimes it’s zero because food prices are just so high.

“Every week the food prices having been going up. But the people of Didcot have been amazing, I’m very, very lucky.”

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He added: “I’m going to continue. As long as my business is there, I will continue to help. No matter your race, religion, age, gender, I don’t care – you’re a human being and that’s all I know.”


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