RESIDENTS in Didcot have raised concerns about several parking and driving issues across the town.

People living in the area have approached Didcot Town Council with worries about drivers blocking traffic lights, parking causing hazards for pedestrians, illegal parking in front of businesses, and a lack of parking in front of some homes.

The town council are now investigating a number of these concerns after they were raised at a meeting of the authority’s traffic advisory group.

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Three residents expressed concerns about street parking in the Northbourne area of the town including East Street and Hagbourne Road.

They expressed it was ‘near impossible’ to park near their own homes due to the number of cars parked in the area. They asked the council to investigate implementing a resident parking scheme.

Councillor David Rouane said: “There are two areas that have been identified, Haydon Road area and the second area being the Northbourne area which are bounded by Hagbourne Road, Wessex Road, Mereland Road and Broadway.

“These are the two areas of priority for resident parking schemes. At present only the Haydon Road area has been put forward as has been higher on the list.”

As well as suggesting residents report any parking issues to police, the town’s project and services officer, Stuart Mundy, will speak to Northbourne councillors to see where double yellow lines could be installed to prevent the number of cars in the street.

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Other residents raised concerns about drivers blocking the traffic lights on Hitchcock Way and Cow Lane, especially during the Christmas traffic period heading into the Orchard Centre.

Mr Rouane and councillor Ian Snowdon agreed to write a letter to Oxfordshire County Council, highways authority, about the issue as well as Mr Mundy investigating a crosshatched yellow marking so cars do not block the drivers leaving Ladygrove.

Concerns were also raised about parking by Enterprise Car and Van Hire in Station Road causing hazards for pedestrians and buses.

The authority will investigate to see if drivers are parking on double yellow lines and also raise the concern with the rental service.

Residents were also worried about ‘illegal parking’ in front of Caprinos Pizza in Broadway. They said delivery drivers park on double yellow lines while picking up pizza.

My Mundy said even he had experienced some hold ups while going home at night after his shift due to the delivery drivers parking.

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He added he will investigate how this could be dealt with further.

Other issues raised were speeding on Park Road, which will see a speed survey undertaken, and parking on the green at The Croft, which will see councillors writing to the highways authority about their concerns.


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