“This really isn’t acceptable,” said an Oxfordshire councillor hoping to get noise mitigation measures on the A34 near Abingdon.

Nathan Ley, who represents Abingdon North on Oxfordshire County Council, is bringing a motion to full council about noise pollution mitigation on the A34.

The councillor, who moved to Abingdon with is family a few years ago, said excessive noise pollution ‘raises the risk of numerous negative health outcomes’ and wants change for the town.

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He said: “I’ve always wondered about the lack of soundproofing from the A34 in certain parts of town.

“Having spoken to people who live off Mons Way, Bourlon Wood and the general Wildmoor area, this concern is confirmed to me repeatedly.

“Critically, excessive noise pollution raises the risk of numerous negative health outcomes, most notably cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and sleep disturbance.

“This really isn’t acceptable, and as someone passionate about public health I feel like something needs to be done.

“I’ve got in touch with National Highways and they confirmed our suspicions, with two designated ‘Noise Important Areas’.

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“These areas are locations where the highest 1 per cent of noise levels at residential locations can be found. In accordance with the noise action plans, the Noise Important Areas provide a framework for further investigation.

“Sadly, at the moment National Highways have told me they believe that resurfacing works on the A34 carried out in 2018 are enough in the way of sound mitigation and that no physical mitigation or protection for residents is in any plans.

“Well, I think that has to change. Not just for the sake of the immediate areas but for the whole town, as we all suffer.”

In the motion he is bringing the highways authority tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1), Mr Ley has asked the council to write to the National Highways’ Chief Executive Nick Harris to ‘stress the importance of funding and implementing physical noise mitigation infrastructure as soon as possible’.

He added: “Some might say that people who willingly move to a street anywhere near the A34, such as most places in Abingdon, have no right to complain.

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“I totally disagree. Volumes of traffic on our major A roads have massively increased, with the number of cars on the road doubling in the past 30 years. People didn't necessarily see that coming.

"I can’t promise any quick remedy, but I will pursue it. The motion is a start and gets the ball rolling - assuming it is successfully voted through.”


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