SOME of the Christmas lights in Abingdon will be replaced with more energy efficient ones following debates about energy saving during the cost-of-living crisis.

Amidst the current cost-of-living crisis, which has seen the price of everyday items rising causing financial issues for families across UK, residents of the Oxfordshire town have been debating whether the town council should scrap the lights this year.

Some residents think it would be a good idea to keep them off or reduce the time they are switched on and to donate the saved money to struggling families.

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Others believe after ‘a miserable year’ that the lights will cheer people up as well as providing light during the darker evenings.

Mayor of Abingdon, Andy Foulsham, said the town council have considered the concerns of residents and have decided to use more energy efficient lights to replace some broken ones instead.

“It’s something we’re conscious about,” he said. “Especially during the cost-of-living crisis but we’re aware people of Abingdon love the Christmas lights and it’s a great tradition for the town.

“As part of our regular programme of refreshing the lights as some have blown out we’re replacing them with more energy efficiently ones which will hopefully reduced our carbon footprints.

“As it’s not just about the cost-of-living crisis, it’s our green impact so we’re hoping that the move will help but there still there to show people we’re celebrating Christmas after this year.”

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He added that the lights being switched on will be hopefully be a ‘bit of an occasion’ for residents and retailers as well.

In a discussion on Facebook, residents discussed the pending decorations with some even suggesting LED lights as an alternative, having less lights, or having them on only during specific time periods.

One commented: “It would it be better to reduce the amount of lights, so perhaps concentrate on illuminating the Market Square but not Stert Street or High Street.

“I would be happier to see less lights than have none at all.”

Another added: “Definitely lights on but maybe a restricted time limit for them to be on. Best of both worlds.”

Councillor Neil Fawcett, replying to the residents online, said: “We took the view, in line with most of the feedback from traders and residents, that we would provide lights again, but more energy efficient ones.

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“We are using a new company this year who are more environmentally conscious. We will be able to reuse some of the old lights, but most of those have been used many times over.

“Obviously there is always some risk using a new supplier, and we know they are struggling to recruit staff, like everybody, but they look good.”


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