TEN new “affordable homes” will be built in Littlemore despite opposition from neighbours and councillors.

Oxford City Council, the planning authority, will develop a former council depot on Lanham Way, to provide “much needed affordable housing.”

Earlier plans for the site included 14 new homes, but the number has been reduced in the most recent planning application, which was approved by the council's plannig committee on Thursday (September 22).

Oxford Mail: The siteThe site (Image: Oxford City Council)

Speaking in favour of the plans, Martin Shaw from Jessop and Cook Architects, said: “This is a brownfield site that has been vacant for many years and I know that many residents would like to see this site put to better use.

“We have had many iterations of this scheme resulting in what we now feel is the best scheme for the local area and for the new residents.

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Oxford Mail: Oxford City CouncilOxford City Council (Image: Oxford City Council)

“These 10 new houses being proposed make a considerable contribution to the affordable housing need in Littlemore.”

Councillor Ajaz Rehman said: “It’s a really good site and there’s obviously been a lot of consultation with people locally so I’d like to propose this for approval.”

Despite the reduction in the number of homes being proposed for the site, more than 30 people and councillors living in Littlemore raised concerns around overdevelopment, safety for pedestrians and parking.

Littlemore Parish Council had also opposed the application, saying: “Littlemore is being overdeveloped with increasing building projects without any improvements in infrastructure to support the large increase in population and traffic.”

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