PLANS for 10 new “affordable homes” in Littlemore could go ahead despite opposition from neighbours and councillors.

Oxford City Council, the planning authority, wants to build on a former council depot on Lanham Way, to provide “much needed affordable housing.”

Earlier plans for the site included 14 new homes, but the number has been reduced in the current planning application.

A design and access statement, prepared by Jessop and Cook Architects on behalf of the council, said: “The new houses will be adopting modern technologies and sustainable design concepts. We want to design a scheme that tucks neatly into the character of Littlemore, but it is important to us to be authentic to modern principles of design.

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“The design remains a continuation of Lanham Way that establishes and enhances existing neighbourliness and local community; the design combines the use of the finer, historic, urban grain found in Littlemore with up-to-date urban design principles.”

Despite the reduction in the number of homes being proposed for the site, people and councillors living in Littlemore have raised concerns around overdevelopment, safety for pedestrians and parking.

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Bryan Gelder, who lives in Lanham Way, said: “While the reduction to 10 homes from 14 is very welcome, there will still be some 50 people living in this tight corner of Littlemore.

“There is no provision for the inclusion of social facilities, doctors, dentist, police and emergency services.

“In general this is an ill-conceived plan which council are forcing through in order to fulfil its quota of housing to meet government targets.”

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Tanya Janko, who also lives in Lanham Way, said: “Our main concern is that is the safety of pedestrians. Lanham way is a small lane, difficult to navigate especially when delivery drivers or those who aren't used to such a small road try and gain access.

“Parking in Oxford has been significantly decreased and we can see the carnage these new changes are bringing to the area. Littlemore has become a new rat run for vehicles and is often built up at peak times.”

Littlemore Parish Council also opposed the application, saying: “Littlemore is being overdeveloped with increasing building projects without any improvements in infrastructure to support the large increase in population and traffic.

“Nothing has been proposed for improvements to services or to road and transport networks.

“Concerns have been raised by residents about any pedestrian or cycle access from the new development along Lanham Way as this is believed to be a private road.

“Even with the reduction in the number of homes from 14 to 10 there will still be an increase in the volume of additional traffic along Medhurst Way and coming across the pavement onto the Sandford Road, which is already heavily trafficked, posing risk to other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.”

The council’s planning committee is expected to make a decision on the plans tomorrow (Thursday, September 22).

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