AN overgrown hedge in Oxfordshire is causing controversy amongst residents who have dubbed it a safety hazard for pedestrians.

The shrubbery, which is in Tamar Way, Didcot, is blocking the pavement as the tree branches are too long and are hanging down up over the top of it.

One resident posted on the Facebook Group “Spotted Didcot” and said the hedge was an “absolutely joke” and they struggled to get past with their baby in tow.

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Another commented: “Slightly easier for a mother and child but not for a wheelchair user. I also have a baby so double whammy.

“Would have to go back and find the nearest drop curb. Walking around something when it involves a road isn't a quick answer.”

However, others have said the overgrown hedge isn’t an issue and people should just cross the road or walk around it.

One person commented: “Duck and continue? Honestly, the amount of people that can’t negotiate daily obstacles is shocking.”

Other people who live in the area have suggested the shrubbery be reported to the council via the FixMyStreet website while others believe it is the house owner’s responsibility.

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One resident said: “If it’s alongside a house sometimes it’s the owner that has to cut it back. We have bushes and trees along our fences and it’s our responsibility.”

Another added: “Council as always doing absolutely nothing to look after the estates. God knows what happens to our council tax.”


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