Greggs in Cornmarket - one of the biggest branches in Europe - has shut on a temporary basis.

The national chain's busy bakeries are famous for their sausage rolls - but customers were asked to go elsewhere at lunchtime, as the branch was temporarily closed.

It looked like there was also a temporary closure on Saturday.

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The sign on the door at lunchtime said: "Sorry, we've had to temporarily close this shop, we'll be back soon! Our ovens are still baking at Cowley and Headington."

Oxford Mail:

Customers approached the entrance, read the sign and went off to buy lunch elsewhere.

There were celebrations and queues when Greggs opened the branch in March 2020 - the first in the city centre.

It features a spacious seating area upstairs.

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It's not the first time the branch has experienced problems.

Difficulties with a nearby collapsed sewer forced it to close on August 17 and it didn't reopen until November.

Oxford Mail:

There have not been any major problems since.

It is understood that the Greggs branch in Headington also experienced temporary closures last month.

The chain launched its vegan sausage roll in 2019 and it has been popular ever since.

Greggs started in the North East about 80 years ago and now has more than 1,900 branches across the UK.

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There are 23,000 staff and the chain is still growing.

Oxford Mail:

A Greggs spokeswoman said: "It's just a temporary closure and the branch should be open again fairly soon."

She was unable to provide any explanation for the closure.

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