New research from the Born Free Foundation has revealed that Oxfordshire is home to 84 dangerous animals. 

The charity revealed that the 84 animals were kept in West Oxfordshire alone and were owned by a single private owner. 

The survey from Born Free showed that across the UK there was a huge 3,951 dangerous wild animals licensed to be kept privately in Great Britain.

Adding that in total there were 210 private addresses across 129 local authorities that hold licenses to keep dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, crocodilians, and venomous reptiles.

The list for the West Oxfordshire region showed that animals including seven tigers, two hippos, seven kangaroos and a Gila Monster were just a few of the many living there. 

Although the news might not come as a surprise to locals with the owner of the animals Jim Clubb featured on Ross Kemps ITV documentary Britains Tiger King last year. 

With Born Free saying that Clubb's organisation is not a licensed zoo and is therefore required to have a Dangerous Wild Animal License covered by the 1976 act.

 All the wild Animals in West Oxfordshire:

  • American Alligator: 3
  • Beaded Lizard: 2
  • Blackbuck: 5
  • Camel: 10
  • Cobra: 2
  • Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman: 2
  • Gila Monster: 1
  • Kangaroo: 7
  • Leopard: 6
  • Liger: 2
  • Lion: 7
  • Macaque: 8
  • Morletts Crocodile: 2
  • Pygmy Hippo: 2
  • Ring-Tailed Lemur: 8
  • Tiger: 7
  • Wolf: 5
  • Zebra: 5

You can see the full map via the Born Free website.