Sneak peek images inside Oxford’s newest club can be revealed by the Oxford Mail.  

The photographs show the inside of LGBTQ+ venue Glamorous in St Clements, which has taken over the old Be At One site.

Work to get the club ready for customers is still underway, with the doors expected to open for the first time on Friday (May 20).

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Oxford Mail: Picture: Ed Nix Picture: Ed Nix

The owner is opening the nightclub in the city following the success of Glamorous venues in both Birmingham and Coventry.

As well as a nightclub, Glamorous Oxford will also be an LGBTQ+ safe space, bar, lounge and entertainment venue where DJs and drag artists will perform.

Oxford Mail: Picture: Ed Nix Picture: Ed Nix

Glamorous owner Matt Eason said that Glamorous Oxford’s selling point is that it sits neatly in-between the nightclub environment of Plush and pub surroundings of the Jolly Farmers – Oxford’s other LGBTQ+ venues.

He said: “It is great to add a third venue to Oxford’s LGBTQ+ community.

Oxford Mail: Picture: Ed Nix Picture: Ed Nix

“It is about being part of the community, not coming into Oxford being like the ‘big I am’ because we have a venue in Birmingham.

“We are here to complement what is already in the city.

Oxford Mail: Picture: Ed Nix Picture: Ed Nix

“The more that is going on, the better for the community is how we see it.”

Glamorous Oxford will be open Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 3am.


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