VIEWS are being sought on a huge development which could see more than 1,500 homes built on the edge of Oxford.

An initial public consultation on the proposals for Bayswater – land north of Bayswater Brook – is open until March 31.

The new neighbourhood would be to the west of Barton and to the north of Barton Park, close to the A40 north-east of the city centre.

Among the plans by Christ Church and Dorchester Residential Management are: 1,450 homes and 120 assisted living dwellings; a new primary school and contributions to a new secondary school; a new bus lane on the A40 and routes for the area, and new links across the A40 including a foot and cycle bridge.

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James Lawrie, treasurer at Christ Church, said: “This first public consultation is a vital step in helping us to create the best possible proposals for what will be a high-quality, attractively designed neighbourhood, and a real asset to Oxford.

“This consultation gives people the chance to have their say on our proposals at an early stage, to help shape our plans and to maximise the potential benefits of this edge of Oxford location.

“In partnership with Dorchester Residential Management, we are committed to bringing forward proposals for Bayswater that work for the existing community and new generations to come.

“We are committed to a vision that will see Bayswater delivering enhanced connectivity into the city, extensive community facilities and plentiful, accessible green space.”

Paul Silver, chief executive officer at Dorchester Residential Management, added: “We will create a varied and inclusive neighbourhood at Bayswater.

“With a strong focus on placemaking and character, we will create a range of beautifully designed new homes, half of which will be financially accessible through a mixture of tenures and first-time buyer options.

“Our plans will ensure the site is integrated and well-connected with walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure to make greener travel the easier option.

“We will consider all the feedback we receive during the consultation, along with findings from our own technical studies and advice from stakeholders, to refine our proposals.

“We will then carry out a further stage of consultation before submitting an application to South Oxfordshire District Council.”

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There are three more events during the consultation, two of which will be in-person along with an online webinar.

The in-person events will take place at Barton Park Primary School and the Barton Neighbourhood Centre on Friday (4.30pm-8.30pm) and Saturday (11.30am-3.30pm) respectively.

The online webinar will take place on Tuesday between 6pm and 7.30pm.

To attend, register via:

For more information about the consultation, call 0800 1448907 or email

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